What Folks are Saying

Here’s What Folks Are Saying About Carrie E. Pierce!

‘At the age of 57, I look and feel better now than I have in years. With Carrie’s help I’ve learned how to care for myself inside and out and am reaping the benefits! My energy is through the roof, my skin is clear and bright, my weight has stabilized and I’ve even found the strength to quit smoking. Carrie guided me and supported me in making the changes I needed to make and her coaching has paid off in ways I never would’ve imagined.’
-Angela, Investment Advisor

‘I’ve worked with Carrie numerous times in a professional capacity and she never ceases to amaze me! She’s a walking encyclopedia of health and beauty information. There’s nothing she doesn’t know- and she’s always working to educate herself in order to better serve my clients. If you’re looking for someone to help you make sense of the health and beauty information swirling around out there- she’s the one!’
-Randi, Natural Products Store Owner

‘Going thru Menopause was TOUGH for me. I was a basketcase! Carrie’s coaching put me on the right path and together we got me straightened out. Never would’ve made it without her support and input and can’t recommend her enough!’
-Cynthia, Administrative Asst.

‘In my late 40’s I started developing acne and gaining weight. Nothing I tried helped and I was really getting depressed and discouraged. A friend told me about Carrie and I booked a consult with her. SO glad I did! She taught me so much I needed to know to get myself back on track. I look and feel better than I have in a long time and I know what to do to stay in balance now.’
-Andrea, Sales Associate

‘As a Flight Attendant, my skin takes a beating. Dry air, irregular hours, hit and miss diet- once I hit 50 it really started to show! Carrie’s coaching taught me how to care for my changing, middle aged skin in powerful ways and I learned so much from her! So very happy I crossed paths with her and took the time to have a consultation.’
Amy- Flight Attendant

‘I’m probably older than Carrie’s usual clients but man oh man! She taught me a lot of new tricks and tips! Carrie addressed all aspects of health and beauty with me during my coaching sessions and I learned how to take better care of myself on the inside which only makes me look better on the outside. She taught me dressing and hairstyling tips too and that has been the real icing on the cake! My skin looks clear and radiant now instead of dry, dull and wrinkled and I’ve learned what I need to know to care for it properly and keep myself fit as a fiddle. Never thought I’d look or feel this good at my age! Thank you Carrie!’
Laurie, Jazz Singer

‘If you want the truth about health and beauty- look no further than Carrie and her team. She knows her stuff and makes it easy to understand and implement. So glad I found her and invested in her services.’
Donna, Homemaker