About Carrie

Carrie PierceOuter Beauty — It’s Infinitely More than Skin Deep!

I’ve always been fascinated by cosmetics and makeup.  When I was 7, I played for hours in my sister’s makeup while she was away at school.  When I was 10, I couldn’t wait for Halloween, so I could transform myself into a gypsy or a witch with a wig and makeup.  When I turned 13, I was given a lovely bag of skin care and cosmetics- the symbol of a young girl’s rite of passage.

At that same time, my Mom spent a half-hour one afternoon, carefully shaping my eyebrows with a pair of tweezers.  Her caring gesture made me feel that I could be beautiful too -and the results were eye opening for me- in more ways than one!

Mom had been a professional model and jazz singer in her earlier years, and was a truly positive  influence as I grew. I decided right then and there that someday, I would help other women bring out their own inner and outer beauty, just as she had for me.
–And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing for almost 30 years now!

I started out by providing makeup and special effects services throughout Texas and in Hollywood and Las Vegas, working on feature films, TV news teams, commercials, and TV shows. As time wore on, I discovered I longed for more meaningful work, so I studied reconstructive makeup procedures and self-esteem issues, and then worked with patients who had been disfigured by burns and scars, and those women needing help recovering from Domestic Violence.

I then shifted focus to expand my understanding and awareness of various holistic therapies for treating certain skin conditions, and for skin health in general. I went back to school and received my license in Aesthetics and my certification in Color Analysis. I also studied the psychology of beauty, and also key aspects of the cosmetics industry: marketing, skin care and cosmetic formulation, Holistic care for chronic skin conditions, and hormone fluctuations and their impact on overall health and beauty.

All this led me to my passion: I now work exclusively with women who are moving through the aging process, women who are peri-menopausal or menopausal, and on the various beauty changes that arise during that time of profound transition.  I make it a point of addressing, first and foremost, the self-esteem issues and psychological traumas that may be affecting their sense of self-worth.

My core message to my clients is one of positivity surrounding the Midlife experience.  I emphasize the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and a healthy mindset.  My goal is to educate clients so they can make their own informed decisions.  I can also refer my clients to a network of qualified health and beauty professionals such as naturopaths, nutritionists, and massage therapists as needed.

I’ve co written books such as ‘Making Peace with Menopause’, and the ‘What the Hell is Happening to Me?!’ book series, as well as hundreds of articles pertaining to a woman’s Midlife transitional journey, and I’ve co-hosted the internationally syndicated radio show, ‘Magnificent Menopause & Beyond’.

I believe that a woman can -and should- thrive in Midlife– and I want to help you do so too!